Get ready for it: Malort Hand Sanitizer

No it's not just the alcohol poured on your hands! It's legit!

March 25, 2020
iStock/ Getty Images

iStock/ Getty Images


Is Malort hands the new Malort face?

If you're not familiar with this drink that will burn your soul here's a recap:

The distillery (right here in Chicago) has announced that they are doing their part in the fight against COVID-19 and are making Malort hand sanitizer!!

Tremaine Atkinson, the CEO and head distiller at CH Distillery says the company hopes to begin donating one-liter bottles of their sanitizer next week with a 500 bottle test run. More will follow depending on the availability of the needed ingredients.

Now what we all want to know, not just because it's impossible to find hand sanitizer in general - but can we get some?

Atkinson says:

"If we have surplus after satisfying demand by health care organizations, we'll look into releasing some to the public as well."

Something tells me even after this passes we'll still be using the hell out of hand sanitizer = Malort hand sanitizer for all!

In the meantime, I'm sure drinking a shot of it will help with fight infection...and splashing some on your hands wouldn't hurt either :p