Haunted House Guide 2018: Find the Best haunts in and around Chicago

Nothing says Halloween like a good haunted house! Here's a whole list to choose from!

October 2, 2018

Nothing says Halloween like getting the life scared out of you...with a good haunted house! Got a fave? Looking for a new spot? This list will have you visiting a new haunted house every weekend leading up to the 31st!

So grab the crew, go get your scare on, and don't forget to let us know which one is your favorites!

2018 Chicagoland Haunted House Guide

13th Floor Haunted House Chicago
1940 George St., Melrose Park
"Chicago's legendary haunted house" is recommended for those over the age of 12. Price: $19.99-$37.35 general admission, $12 extra for "fast pass" access with 1/3 the wait time, $22 extra for "skip the line" tickets. 

HellsGate Haunted House
3101 Canal St., Lockport
Hidden deep in the woods (um, ok I'm already scared) HellsGate Haunted House was named the scariest haunted house in Illinois by HauntWorld. THis place is a multi-level mansion filled with secret passages, giant slides, ghastly secrets, undead abominations, really nervous groundskeepers and a darkness that the gate can no longer contain. It's an interactive adventure, and if you find the key, your admission is free. Price: $28 general admission, $40 VIP (little to no wait), $60 instant entry, $99 Hell Pass (makes you and your friend the haunt's personal target for the entire tour, plus a T-shirt and photo op).

Basement of the Dead Haunted House
42 W. New York St., Aurora
Rated "very scary" and suggested age of 13 and up, this is where you'll meet Shattered the homicidal clown and the terrifying denizens of the Basement of the Dead. There are also 2 side attractions this year (tickets sold separately) : Zombie Carnival and "Stabbin Cabin," a five-minute escape room experience. Price: $28 general admission, $45 "front of line" VIP access.

Statesville Haunted Prison
17250 S. Weber Rd., Lockport
Statesville is a "haunted' prision gone wild, "the prisoners have rioted, the guards have fled, a darkness has seized control of this maximum security prison and our warden has opened the gates for visitors." Statesville has a side attraction as well, "City of the Dead". Price: $30 General admission to Statesville and City of the Dead, $45 VIP to the haunted houses.

Midnight Terror Haunted House
5520 W. 111th St., Oak Lawn
Midnight Terror has twists, turns and tight spaces within their 4-rooms you go thru. First, the "Factory of Malum," which leads into the "Black Oak Grove," the "Night of Fear", and if you haven't bailed...lastly "Chainsaw Alley." General admission is $25; VIP tickets (skip the admission line and get in faster) are $35. Admission to the 10-minute Money Back Escape Room is $10 per person.

Undead Acres
3450 W. Crete Monee Road, Monee
This is probably the only place you're allowed to touch the staff...because it's a Halloween/haunted house/paint ball place!  Zombie Paintball Safari ($22) a Haunted Terror Trail ($15), Corn Cannons ($1 per shot) and a Paintball Shooting Gallery ($5) to practice your skills. Combo savings packages are also available. 

House of Torment
8240 N. Austin Ave., Morton Grove
Described as a "multi-layered psychological thriller," this place has 3 different attractions: "Survive the Night - Patient Zero" will have you fighting to escape a plague-devastated city; "Dead by Dawn," where plague survivors have "barricaded themselves inside their stores, homes or anywhere with four walls to feel safe;" and "The Shadowrealm: Slenderman." Price: $$19.99-$33.99 general admission, plus skip the line and fast pass options.

The Massacre Haunted House
99 Montgomery Road, Montgomery
Been there before? Well they renovate every year...so nothing is EVER the same! (Insert creepy laugh :p) The Massacre offers over 20,000+ sq. ft. of sheer nightmares for your enjoyment. You can even go thru with a group of six to seven friends. MHH has two haunted houses under one roof: Massacre and Freak Show 3D. Prices: $25 general admission; fast pass is $35 online and $40 on site.

Zombie Safari at Odyssey Fun Farm
18900 S. Oak Park Ave., Tinley Park
If you go to this website, these seems the more kid or scared-like-me-adult friendly. This hayride safari will take zombie hunters through a pitch-black cornfield. Each hayrack is equipped with 20 zombie-slaying paintball guns to fight off ghouls that will attack from all sides. So shoot the zombies from a hay wagon - I'm sold! Friday and Saturday only. Price: $22 per person, paintball refills $5 for 100.

Realm of Terror Haunted House
421 Rollins Road, Round Lake Beach
Open in all weather conditions, Realm of Terror is described as the "craziest, most intense, extreme Halloween experience" and it's now in its 16th year. Prices: $25 general admission, $35 "skip the line" tickets and $45 VIP tickets include front of line access and a drink ticket for the Haunt Bar.

Evil Intentions
900 Grace Street, Elgin
Let me start by saying - this description already has me terrified!! Located at the abandoned Elgin Casket Company, "this once proud building has been witness to murder, grisly discoveries, cult activities, and unexplained occurrences, and a dark legacy has emerged from its sordid history." Prices: $25 general admission, $35 VIP fast pass.

Dungeon Of Doom
600 29th St, Zion
The "legendary" haunt is celebrating 20 years of fear and rated "very scary." Dungeon of Doom is "the place where nightmares loom," and "many brave souls have entered looking for scares, only to exit a shell of the person they once were." This is another place that if you've been there before - they change it up every year = NEW scares! This place always has great deals! Check out their link! PS- B96 will also have chances for you to win free tickets in the 9 Most Wanted so be listening!