Hungry? How about a bucket of skin?

You spoke up and KFC listened! Get chicken skin, hold the chicken!

November 15, 2019

Moses Robinson/Getty Images for KFC

Love the golden and crispy skin of KFC's chicken? Ever wish you could get JUST THAT and hold the chicken? Well it's a real thing!

Sadly, for right now, it's just in Indonesia and Thailand. Take a look:

OMG OMG OMG!!! -- Good news buat kita nihh! Sekarang @kfcindonesia udah jual menu CHICKEN SKIN!!! Jd gaperlu nyisain kulit ayam lg buat dilahap jd bagian terakhir yekann ---- . Tapiiii sayangnya masih blm ada di Jogja nih gaes, padahal MinJog udah ga sabar pingin nyemilin kulit ayam Ka’ePCi. Kapan yaa kira2 bakal ada di outlet yg di Jogja? . --KFC Boulevard Kelapa Gading -- hungryfever . Ikutan ngobrol sesama Foodies yuk? Join JogjaCulinary Community Group, langsung aja klik LINK di profile yak! . #jogjaculinary #liburanjogja #wisatajogja #anakjajan #foodporn #foodphotography #food #foodie #foodgasm #foodblogger #foodstagram #foodlover #foodpics #foodpic #foods #kfcindonesia #kfcchickenskin #kfc

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It's selling for the equivalent of what would be 96 cents...which is a mega deal (if you don't include the airfare lol)

So does it taste just like the fried breaded skin on the chicken? 

One taste-tester says:

"Apparently not friends … I think it tastes salty. It's crunchy, it's just really salty … The texture is different from the skin that sticks to the fried chicken, …. I prefer to buy the chicken, then eat the skin directly from there. Aahhh turns out that dreams aren't always beautiful.”

Keep that review in mind when I tell you this news - KFC is not planning on bringing "KFC Chicken Skin" to the US anytime soon. Although they do say it may pop-up in another country in the future.

Do you think it would be successful here in the states?

All I keep thinking about with this story is Joey from Friends in the scene below (FF to 4:00)