Is an NSYNC reunion happening for real?

Lance Bass talked with JT on his podcast! See what he said here that got us excited!

April 10, 2020

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Quarantine getting to you? This news will get you thru the rest of it for sure!

MORE TALK of an NYSNC reunion...and this time from Justin Timberlake!

Lance Bass has a podcast called, "The Daily Popcast" and his latest guest? JT! Talking all about what we really want to know- is NSYNC getting back together or what?

Check out this video of him on WWHL from the other night giving us the cliff notes version: **Head to 2:23 in the video**


And weekly happy hours? I'm saying it's gonna make the guys tight again and by the time we get out of lockdown just maybe we'll have some solid reunion dates!!!

Are you excited as I am? 

Do you think an NSYNC reunion will happen?