Jinglebash artist Katy Perry Reveals Details on Her Taylor Swift Make-Up

See Katy perform on Ellen and spill tea!

September 21, 2019

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Jinglebash artist Katy Perry stopped by Ellen to perform and talk about things from her love life to her make-up with Taylor Swift!

First things first, let's talk Tay! What was the real reason that sparked the mending? Katy explains:

And of course Katy is engaged to Orlando Bloom! So what is it about him?

Last but not least Katy will be rocking the Allstate State at the 2019 Pepsi Jinglebash on 12/07/19. Want a tease of what is in store?

Check out "Small Talk":

Tix for the Jinglebash are officially on-sale so get them before it's too late and see the full line-up here: 2019 Pepsi Jinglebash