JLO's daughter joins her on-stage! MomagerLo anyone?

Looks like a new Lopez will be stealing the spotlight from now on!

June 11, 2019

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Ooooh member that video we saw a few weeks ago of Emme (JLO's daughter) busting out some Alicia Keys??

(Here it is if you want a refresher: JLO's Daughter Can Sang )

Well in that video proud Mama JLo casually mentions putting her in the show (It's My Party Tour)...and it happened!

I can’t take it! #Emme #Limitless #ProudMama #JLoItsMyParty

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I'm obsessed from beginning to end!

Yes, that's 11-year-old Emme (one of the twins she has with Marc Anthony) matching her Mama and belting out "Limitless"...after she emerged from the middle of the stage!

Does this mean we'll be seeing her when JLO comes to town at the end of the month?

Not sure. But we can hope!

So now we need to know...can Max sing too? :p