K-Fed Wants More Money from Britney Spears!

According to Kevin Federline $20K a month is not enough!

May 23, 2018

Who is K-Fed / Kevin Federline you ask?

Seems like we only hear about him now when he wants more cash from his ex-wife Britney Spears for their 2 boys...and he wants more!

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For years, Britney has been paying K-Fed $20,000 per MONTH for child support for their 2 boys. Insane right? How much food and clothes do an 11 and 12-year-old need?

Kevin said that his boy are "acccustomed to" living a lavished lifestyle with Brit and that $20K allows him to provide them with that...but now he said he needs more and Brit's people are NOT having it.

A source close to Britney says:

"Britney spends no more on the boys than he does. He's barely getting by because he has to support 3 additional kids and his wife and himself on funds Brit gives him for their 2 kids."

So Britney is supporting Kevin's NEW family?!

They say that Kevin's expenses are around $23,000 a month and his personal monthly income is $3,000. So, when you add up his earnings and Britney's $20k a month, he currently breaks even. So now he is allegedly asking for double that - he wants $40,000 a month!


California law is that both parents are to contribute to their children's support.

Where is his contribution?

No word if this will make it to court or if maybe some lawyer chatter will end things.

Glad that Brit's people are looking out for her (and her money!).

Should she give Kevin more money?