Kale Candy Canes? Who's trying to ruin Christmas?!

Trying to make healthy for the holidays work? This might help!

September 19, 2019

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Halloween hasn't even happened and Christmas is already all over the stores...including Kale Candy Canes!

Yes love, it happened:

Oh, kale no! For anybody with a sweet tooth who is completely over traditional candy canes, there's a new flavor hitting store shelves ahead of the holidays that will really give your taste buds a kick ... or just make you gag. Would you try them? Tap on link in bio for all the deets. . . . . . #kalecandycanes #kale #Christmas #holidays #candy #cant #hardpass

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So whose idea was this anyway?

Archie McPhee's (company that makes it) "Director of Awesome," David Wahl says:

    "When it came time for us to make a candy cane, we opted for (the) superfood kale! While this candy cane might not have the nutritional value of actual kale, it does share the delicious flavor we've all come to love."

This may be a way for you to finagle some candy if sweets have been banned, (It's veggie flavored!) but know it IS legit candy and was created to 'taste' like Kale. Any nutritional value of this is just coincidence.

So does it for real taste like Kale?

They say it tastes:  "sweet, grassy ... with a bit of a bitter note."

Not a fan of Kale? That's OK! Archie McPhee also makes candy canes in flavors of: pizza, macaroni and cheese, clams, ham, pickles and bacon.

PS- If you didn't know the flavor, these all look like just traditional candy canes. I'm not saying you can trick someone. I'm just saying :p

Would you try any of these??