Katy Perry's Dog SAVED with Puppy CPR!

Nugget Perry gave us a scare! Find out what happened here!

June 6, 2018

Look at this sweet face!

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That's Nugget Perry (Katy Perry's dog) and she gave Katy and her assistant Tamra a giant scare! But thanks to the quick thinking it had a happy ending!

Tamra says:

Nugget jumped and fell off the bed and became unresponsive and I gave her CPR. I pushed on her little chest and blew in her mouth and I brought her back to life.


Amazing right?

Nugget (and Katy) have no idea how lucky they are Tamra knew how to!

So when are YOU taking a class (you know so I can join you) ?

Get info about classes here in Chicago here: Chicago CPR Classes

See the pics of Tamra showing how she saved Nugget here: Nugget Perry CPR