Khalid Gets Honored by his Hometown

Can that smile get bigger? For the key to the city - yes! Watch Khalid here!

September 23, 2018

Khalid may not be living in El Paso, Texas anymore (where he's from) but he always shows them mad love - and they feel the same!

So much so, that he was presented with the key to the city!

Check out El Paso Mayor Dee Margo as he presents it to him:

That smile tho! <3 He's always so grateful I hope he never changes.

I wanna give a big thank you to Mayor Dee Margo and the city of El Paso for giving me the key to the city, this is such a huge honor. It’s truly nothing I would’ve ever imagined. Never really felt like I belonged or had a home before I moved to El Paso. So happy I get to spread the happiness/positivity this city gives to me, to the WORLD. It’s 915 for life. Alexa play I Got the Keys by DJ Khaled

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More good news for Khalid...

He just released new music and word is we'll get another album (his second) by November!

If you haven't heard his new single "Better," click here to listen: New Music from Khalid