LIST: How to Celebrate Earth Day 2020

See things you can do to celebrate Earth Day from home here!

April 19, 2020
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iStock / Getty Images

Earth Day is turning 50 this Wednesday, April 22nd,2020!

Since we're all social distancing because of the Coronavirus, it seems almost impossible to celebrate/protect the earth like we normally would on this day...until now!

Just like so many business' - and us - have made adjustments to make it work at home, Earth Day is doing the same by going digital!

What does that mean?

It means that the Earth Day network has created a list of things for us to do that will help save-the-planet while abiding by the "Stay at home" guidelines.

Check out the things you can do below to do your part!


2020 Earth Day Activities

1) Make your own compost at home

During this quarantine, we are eating a lot more at home = more food waste which takes up a big chunk in a landfull. So make compost instead of more waste!

To make your own compost at home: Use a trash can or a plastic bin that has a lid and drill some holes in the bottom of it (with help of course if you are not drill skilled) for it to breathe. Next, put in "brown" items first (grass clippings, leaves, twigs, shredded newspaper, and coffee and filters too) followed by your "green" items (old food products like egg shells, fruits, vegetables). You can even put pet fur in there! The smell of the hair will help keep away outdoor animals. DO NOT put meat scraps or bones in the bin, as that WILL help attract animals. Last step - put the lid on it and let it the composting begin!

2) Fix Something!

You know that old end table with a bum leg? With all this extra time at home - fix it! OR instead of getting a new dresser because yours is straight out of the 80's - zhuzh it up to look today!

How does that help the earth? These would typicallybe items you would throw out but now you are make it new again. Yes, sir - RECYCLE! And it saves you the money of buying brand new.

3) Flowering plants

A way to help that would beautify your yard would be to plant flowers/flower seeds!

Word is, Poppy seeds are great to plant this time of year. They need lots of sunshine (which is on the forecast this week) and about 12 weeks to bloom. So by the time we (hopefully) are free you can skip the florist because you have your own "poppy shop" :p

4) Clean that closet!

You know you have a bunch of things that don't fit and even if they did you'd never wear. Let it go! Donating is recycling! Plus, it's also a great reminder to uncover some of the things you forgot you had!

5) Video those acts!

Whether you use any of those examples, or have your own on how you are doing your part in saving-the-planet, record it and post it on your socials! Your good Earth Day deeds could inspire someone to do the same or make their own Earth Day moves


For information about Earth Day, more ideas to help., etc. Click here: EarthDay.Org