List of Local Haunted Places to Visit

Sure haunted houses are scary...but what about the REAL deal? See where to visit here!

October 13, 2018

Haunted Houses are perfect to visit for the Halloween season but for the ultimate scare? How about a place that is believed to LEGIT be haunted!

Check out the list below of places that you can visit that have a back-story and are believed to be haunted by real ghosts!

2018 Local Haunted Places To Visit

Lincoln Park Zoo

Cute fuzzy animals and penguins! What's so scary about that?!

Well, from 1843 to 1859, the area was the Chicago City Cemetery. Ten years ago, someone from Northwestern University lecturer did some digging (literally) and found a cemetery tomb in the park and found that there was once 35,000 bodies buried there, and that a believed 12,000 still remained = why people believe the zoo is haunted! I've been there dozens of times and have never seen any "spooks" - but you can zee for yourself!   Lincoln Park Zoo welcomes you with their annual fall fest now thru Oct. 28, Spooky Zoo on Oct. 27 and Adults Night Out which runs Oct. 18 and Nov. 29.


The Drake Hotel

The Congress Hotel in the Chi is known as one of the most haunted hotels in America, but the Drake Hotel is allegedly haunted too!

Back in 1920, the "Woman in Red" fell from the hotel rooftop to her death on New Year's Eve. Guests of the hotel have reported seeing her "spirit" wandering the Gold Coast Room, the Palm Court and the tenth floor ever since.

The ladies haunting the hotel don't stop though!

There is also a "woman in black," who's been spotted floating around as well. This woman was shot in her hotel room in 1944 when a stranger stepped out of her room and shot her to death. Who done it? We'll never know...but if you see her maybe you can ask?


Old Joliet Prison in Joliet, IL

Now THIS one I hear about allll the time (so no, I will not go lol).

This place housed notorious killers like John Wayne Gacy, mass murderer Richard Speck and murderers Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb. The prison closed in 2002, but "with numerous executions having taken place at the prison, rumor has it that many of the inmates may be serving time as ghosts," according to the Illinois Office of Tourism. The prison is open for tours in the summer, and paranormal tours right now! Dare to go? Get the info here: Joliet Prison tours


McPike Mansion in Alton, IL

Not only is this mansion believed to be haunted, but the town itself is know as, "America's Most Haunted Small Town"!

This place gets thousands of visitors and paranormal investigators claiming the haunting started before the mansion was even built s with native American ghosts and a possible Underground Railroad stop. Once the mansion was build, several strange and unexplained deaths happened to the sevants, cook and woman in a bathtub. Ready to be scared? Stop by for a visit or even a Halloween camp-out here: McPike Mansion


DeSoto House Hotel in Galena, IL

Another haunted hotel, where like most movies about haunted hotels - guests check in and never check out!

Check in to their gorgeous Victorian-style rooms and enjoying stories of the "spirits" who never checked out. Are you next? Get more info here: DeSoto House


Let me know if you visit any of these places! As previously mentioned, I'm a giant chicken so you won't find me at any of these on-purpose lol

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