LIST: The Perfect Snacks for watching the 2019 BBMAs

What is the #BTSArmy #Swifties and #Arianators snacking on? Find out here!

April 30, 2019

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The 2019 Billboard Music Awards will be live Wednesday night from Las Vegas! With performances from Taylor Swift, BTS, Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey and more - we need to make sure this night is PERFECT! Since they're taking care of the show - we looked to our super smart Twitter followers to come up with the perfect snacks for the show based on the performers they're looking most forward to seeing!

Check it out!

  TOP 5 BBMA Snacks:

1) Popcorn!

Garrett is heating up! Our Spicy CheeseCorn is back for a limited time--

A post shared by Garrett Popcorn (@garrettpopcorn) on

This was the number one choice! @jaded_sarah , @annaAxbill, @moonflower_FG and @goldenAngeljk all said this was their go to snack! Best part about it (aside from the many kinds) is that it's easy to clean up! This way if during Taylor Swifts performance you freak and throw you hands up...your vacuum can zip that right up in a commercial break! PS- We recommend our local fave Garrett!

2) Churros

#BTS #방탄소년단 #MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_PERSONA Concept Photo version 4

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Delicious yes, BUT if you were a super BTS fan you would know that this is one of their fave snacks! Hey girl hey to @BTSxIllinois who shared that with us! *Think they'll have some backstage at the BBMAS for them? :p

3) Hot Cheetos

Chester T. Cheetah, First of His Name, House of Flamin’ Hot, Orange Finger, Creator of Puffs and Cruncher of the First Asteroids, Father of Snacks.

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This is like a staple in the snack world. Things we need to live: water, air and hot cheetos. Thanks to @GCF_Original for this nomination!

4) Pepsi

Tickets? You can win ‘em all day long today (times at OR buy ‘em tomorrow when they go ON SALE AT 10AM at! #5sos #wdw #bazzi #cnco #avamax #allybrooke #brycevine #loudluxury #draxproject

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I mean you need something to wash down all that popcorn, churros and hot cheetos right?  And Pepsi is making it possible for us to have our Pepsi Summerbash - so cheers to Pepsi (and with Pepsi!)

5) Tea

This hands down is my fave and is in honor of the 2019 BBMA Icon Mariah Carey!

Found my tea! ☕

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Hot to sooth your screaming voice, iced or even the kind from Long Island - another perfect drink for awards night!

And don't forget to have some waiting for MC! LOL

Be sure to share what you're snacking on during the show and stay logged on to and all of our social @B96Chicago as we'll be following the 2019 Billboard Music Awards Live!