LIST: What People REALLY Want for Valentine's Day

Chicken nuggets, pickle bouquets and more! Get gift ideas here!

January 25, 2020
iStock via Getty Images

iStock via Getty Images

Is your Valentine not exactly the flowers and candy kinda Valentine? GOOD! These new ideas will have your Valentine loving you like it's 02/14 EVERY DAY after they get these!

Check out our list below of gift ideas for your 2020 Valentine!

2020 Valentines Day Ideas

1) Pickle Bouquet

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Sweet, hot, dill - whatever your pickle preference is you can now get it in a bouquet from Grillo's Pickles!


2) Chicken Nugget Box

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Chicken is the new chocolate! From now until February 29th, Chick-fil-A is selling 30-count chicken nuggets in a heart-shaped box! That's not all though! You can also get chocolate chunk cookies (6 count) or chick-n-minis (10 count) in a heart-shaped box too!


3) Jerky Heart

❤️ It's not that we don't get romance; the thrill of being showered by sweet nothings and also actual swoon-inducing gifts and makes total sense. It's just, we don't get anything we find romantic. Truth be told, a tub of bubbles and a pocketful of fancy chocolates doesn't really kickstart the ol' emotion-maker. But the tides of tender affection are turning, and the male heart can now be cut loose from where it's been hanging high and dry all these years. The romanced man has a new champion in the Jerky Heart. -- #valentines #valentinesdaygift #giftsforhim #gifts #giftsforguys #valentinesforhim #vday #vday2019 #giftideas #gift #beefjerky #jerky #beef #meat #jerkyheart

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Spoil the jerky lover in your heart with a heart full of jerky! Man Crates sends a heart-shapped box filled with the jerky of your choice or a variety.


4) Bacon Bouquet

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Just like roses - these bouquets (made of bacon) are bought and sent by the dozen!  Besides the standard bouquet, you can send them in a vase or a rose box. Order yours here: Bacon Bouquets


5)Heart Shaped Pizza and Pasta

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Be festive and don't break the bank! This year Aldi is selling heart-shaped pizzas starting January 29th for $4.99!! Plus, if you want to go the pasta route - World Market has heart-shaped pasta for $5.98! (You could even add cheese sauce to that for mac and cheese) Perfect for Valentine's with the kiddos!


6) What I Love About You Journal

Page 11 says “It’s hard to put into words how strongly I feel about your ____” Tell them how you really feel about their…? Fill in the love with all the things you love about that special someone. Shop our famous Fill in the Love books at #fillinthelove #tellthem

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The most romantic thing you can do for the one you love - write down the things you love about them and the memories you cherish with the help of "What I Love About You" journal! Sells for $7.00 on Amazon! This is something they will keep forever! PS- They also have some for best friends, parents and more!


7)Ticket Stub Diary

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If your Valentine is a music lover, movie lover, etc and saves the ticket stubs -this is the perfect gift!

This album is made to hold ticket stubs and has room to write what each is and it's significance.

Get it for $12 on Amazon: Ticket Stub Dairy


8) Lingerie Alternative

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Victoria Secret is pricey...but for $15 on Amazon you could get some "sexy" Valentine's gear to wear together!

Fundies is the underwear made for 2 to wear. Think of connected tighty-whities. Def more funny than romantic and may cause injury taking them off or on! LOL

Get your pair here: Fundies


9) Boozy Ice Cream Delivery

Will u accept this boozy--?! Pick up some pints for your @bachelorabc --watch party tonight!! -- Our 26th street location is open til ‘10 & fully stocked for the most dramatic season yet --

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I mean you could send that any day and it would be a hit! (If you're 21 and older of course!) Tipsy Scoop has flavors like red velvet martini, strawberry white sangria sorbet and tons of seasonal flavors too! Eat it by itself or with other sweets...or as part of any freaky activities :p


10) Wanna Date?

THE cutest thing ever if you are crushing on someone and want to lock it down on Valentine's Day...or break the ice!

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Send or hand deliver any of these spreads! PS- They are vegan, paleo and low cal! See all their flavors here: Wanna Date


Wishing everyone a happy Valentine's Day! If you choose one of these let us know how it works out <3