Lucky Charms Marshmallow Dream Come True!

Get your dentist on speed dial and get excited!

August 13, 2019

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


Is your favorite cereal Lucky Charms? Do you find yourself picking out the actual cereal JUST to eat the marshmallows? Apparently, you are not alone, and Lucky Charms is coming through just for you!

Magically delicious in EVERY form! Grab a bag of @kraftjetpuffed marshmallows with Lucky Charms shapes today! #magicallydelicious

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General Mills (the company that makes the cereal) will have bags of only marshmallows available everywhere cereal is sold for $1.50 starting in September.

Now for all you super Lucky Charms fans who know that the marshmallow shapes have changed over the years, (Don't come for me, but I think they all taste the same lol) what will be in that bag of goodness?

GM confirms it'll be green clovers, pink hearts, blue moo, s and yellow stars.