Meghan Markle's "I-Do" = All These NEW Rules

Prince Harry May Not Have Her on Lock Down...but the Royals Do!

May 23, 2018

Meghan Markle may have left the words "to obey" out of her marriage vows to Prince Harry...but in order to stay married to him she must obey the new rules set upon her as the, "Duchess of Sussex".

This list - some I'm like sure, ok, that makes sense...while others like the dark nail polish and shell fish rule? Gurrrrl it must be love :p

Check out the list of rules Meghan must obey:

1. Under no circumstance is Meghan to take a selfie. The rule is meant to encourage commoners to make eye contact and conversation with the royals.

2. She cannot use social media AT ALL. Not even like a super secret private account just for family. There are Kensington Royal Twitter and Instagram pages - and their PR people will post any relevant info about them on there. (Statements, appearances, etc)

3. Meghan is to keep her signature to herself. NO AUTOGRAPHS! In order to prevent forgery.

4. Dark and/or colored nail polish is prohibited.

5. Royals must ALWAYS travel with mourning clothes. This rule was instated after the then Princess Elizabeth and husband Prince Philip were blindsided by King George VI's death while abroad in Africa. The twosome were forced to travel from Africa to the United Kingdom in regular clothes. Nowadays, royals must always have a set of funeral clothes packed in order to be respectful.

6. No matter what occasion, female family members must always curtsy to the Queen. At official events, Meghan is also expected to curtsy to anyone who outranks her.

7. Short hemlines are a no-go! It's believed that the Queen disapproves of skirts that are more than an inch or two above the knee.

8. Meghan can no longer pursue an acting career. She represents the British people now, so she has an image to uphold. So if you were a die-hard Suits fan hoping she'd return at some point? ONLY if she and Harry don't last.

9. Meghan is discouraged from voting in British elections. Although UK Parliament says that it's not against the law in Britain for royalty to vote, it's viewed to be unconstitutional.

10. Markle can no longer cross her legs — in public, at least. She'll be expected to perfect the "Duchess Slant" made famous by Princess Diana and proudly carried on by the Duchess of Cambridge.

11. Meghan will have to throw away her wedges, as the Queen despises them!

12. Assigned seating for life! At any royal family gathering, Meghan will always be expected to sit next to husband Harry.

13. Dinnertime is at 8:30 pm! When dining with Harry's monarch grandmother, Meghan will have to be ready at 8:30 pm to eat. The meal will last no later than 10 pm.

14. Also, Meghan isn't allowed to eat before OR after the Queen. Guests dining with the Queen can't start eating until the monarch begins chowing down. However, once she is done, so is the rest of the dinner table.

15. Meghan can't just walk into a royal room. During family functions, there's a strict entrance line, which is as follows: Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Duchess Camila, Prince William, Duchess Kate, and then most likely, Harry and Meghan.

16. If the Queen's awake, so is Meghan! If Meghan crashes with Queen Elizabeth at all, she is required to stay up until the longtime royal falls asleep.

17. Monopoly has been banned! Supposedly, the Duke of York Prince Andrew previously revealed that the royals are "not allowed to play Monopoly at home," as "it gets too vicious."

18. In order to avoid food poisoning, Meghan can no longer enjoy shellfish. Now, not EVERYONE in the royal family adheres to this rule, but the Queen still does!!

Dang right? Well - I'm sure being with the man of her dreams and living a fairytale life will soon make her forget about bomb fall nail polishes, lobster and staying up late to Netflix and chill!

Would you be able to make these changes to your life?