Name That Queen : Taylor Swift Edition

Can you name all the queens in Taylor Swift's new video? Test yourself here!

June 18, 2019

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Everyone is freaking out over Taylor Swift's new video for, "You Need to Calm Down"! So many queens, so many impersonators! Did you know who everyone was?

Prepare to be gagged!

Check out the line-up in this group shot:

She snapped --️‍-- @taylorswift tapped some of our fave drag legends for her “You Need To Calm Down” and yes we absolutely did scream at our screens for three mins straight --

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So let's start left to right!

Ariana Grande: Tatianna!

Into You --

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We saw her give her best Ari in All-Stars season 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race Snatch Game. So it seems like a natural fit! Choices

Lady Gaga: Trinity the Tuck

TONIGHT IM IN BERLIN! Come see me! Get tickets at Klub . I know it seems as though I’ve posted a lot of crown pics (which is true) but I do sets of three looks which makes it look like more anyway idk why I’m even explaining Lolol photo by @thedragphotographer

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This one I really had no idea on! She can tuck like a champ, snatch crowns and give us Gaga!

Adele: Delta Work

Happy birthday @adele! Thank you for this magic moment at the @staplescenterla!!! So glad I got to share this moment with @dayv3283 @theonlydetox and the campaign manager @omgitslaurieblitz

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I mean, she was given the seal of approval by Adele herself! LOL! If it were anyone else the children would've been up in arms!

Cardi B: Trinity K. Bonet

We goin to the corner store to get a Pepsi, honey buns and some hot chips!!! y’all need something Lolol....naw she would so really eat that tho lol I had a ball @taylorswift

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This was so spot on it was ridiculous! Where was this for Snatch Game season 6 of RPDR right? PS- Love the fun her at Tay had!

Taylor Swift: Jade Jolie

----✨Twinnage times with @taylorswift ! --‍♀️--

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This is beyond! I honestly thought it was Taylor the first time I watched the video. Looks like Taylor just found her legit stunt double!

Beyonce: Riley Knoxx

I still feel like I'm floating on a cloud after performing a 90-minute concert to a sold-out audience last night at @citywinerydc! Here's one of the looks of the night. A completely see-through lace sequin gown. Created by me. #rileyknoxx #FORTKNOXX #BEYONCEIMPERSONATOR #BEYHIVE #beyoncé #costume #costumedesign #DC #dcevents #topbeyonceimpersonator #1beyonceimpersonator

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This is Riley's gig - impersonating Beyonce! What did you think?

Katy Perry: Adore Delano

Backstage with this beautiful flower. ✔️Check #YouNeedToCalmDown out now‼️--------

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This is another one that threw me! Katy Perry herself was in the video. So, I was like cool check out Katy chillin with the queens...but it was Adore!! <3

Nicki Minaj: Akeria Chanel Davenport

Lmao -- good morning -- I was thinking more of when the shots first hit vs the morning after lmao

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The gags were everywhere, but Akeria laughed along...which is why I love her! Cash those checks girl...and tell Taylor I said hi :p

The best part of it all was the behind the scenes just talking and having good laughs with @taylorswift on a personal level! Mama is definitely that bitch #youneedtocalmdown

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Did you guess all 8 queens?