Never Ending Pasta for life? Olive Garden You Speak to our soul!

Pasta for life!!! Find out how to make it an alfredo dream come true!

August 14, 2019

Photo by Kyle Arnold/Orlando Sentinel/TNS / USA Today Images

If Olive Garden is your happy place (dear breadsticks you complete me) then this is news that is going to rock your pasta world!

For super fans, Olive Garden offers the Never Ending Pasta Pass annually which for $100 gets you nine weeks of unlimited pastas and sauces (and of course breadsticks and soup or salad).

How can you get a pass? They go on-sale this Thursday, August 15th (tomorrow!) at 1pm online: OG Pasta Pass

Since the demand and joy was go great from it (this year will be the 6th annual) they are adding a next level offer this year:


For an additional $400 (plus tax), the first 50 Pasta Pass holders can opt to upgrade to the lifetime pass. Those 50 diners have 48 hours from the time they receive the email alerting them of their eligibility.  Olive Garden will work its way through the list of early pass buyers until the 50 are taken.

Will you be doing this?

PS- If you REALLLLLLY want it, you can go now to the link above to get in the waiting line already for your pass!