NEW MUSIC: Check out brand new music from Khalid and Mike Posner!

Both Khalid and Mike have brand new singles out! Hear them both here!

September 16, 2018

Brand new music from 2 B96 artists - Khalid and Mike Posner!

Khalid said that he was hoping to have his second album out around November - so fans freaked out hard when he released, "Better" a few days ago.

Love to the 915 on 9/14. --✨ got a song for y’all

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Take a listen:

While we haven't been given a name or date for the upcoming album - if it's anything like that new song we have a lot to be excited about!

As for Mike Posner, we've def seen his sound (and hair) evolve a lot over the last few years.

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This is also the first new song he's had in over 2-years and it was soooooo worth the wait! Check out the super chill and lyrical, "Song About You":

No word on an upcoming album like Khalid, but he does say:

It was good to make this song because of all the angst that was inside me. What do you do with that angst? I put it in a song. Then I don’t have to throw it on another human or on myself.