Own a piece of Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Wedding

Own some Jonas Wedding memorabilia...for a price :0

May 4, 2019

Anthony Behar for USA Today Images

Wednesday hearts broke across the world as Joe Jonas married his fiance Sophie Turner in a surprise Vegas wedding!

Since it was done without a word to the press - fans were left doubly heart-broken because they didn't get to have some kind of piece of it...until now!

Turns out the Elvis that married them, found one of the wrappers from the rings pops they used...and in a shady move is selling it on eBay. (**Shady is my personal opinion. From what we know he's not giving the couple the cash or donating it to charity. That doesn't sound very reverend like Reverend Elvis).

It's not signed by Joe or Sophie - but it is said to be "authentic". Bidding ends 5/13/19 and it started at $10.

Shady Rev. Elvis said he was hoping it would make at least $1,000 and as it stands right now he's exceeded his goal by $3,000 so far!

Take a look at the listing here:

Joe Jonas Ring Pop Wrapper

If you bid - or win it - you gotta let us know!

Cheers to Joe and Sophie on their wedding.