REMINDER: Daylight Savings is Sunday!

Don't start your week being early to EVERYTHING! Ha! Get the info here!

November 3, 2018

If you have somewhere you need to be Sunday morning: church, work, in-front of the T.V. this info will save your life!

Sunday, November 4th, 2018 is daylight savings!

This will def solve the problem of it getting dark so early, (we'll have another hour of light) so that means we GAIN an extra hour!

Remember from school? "Fall behind, Spring ahead"? That's what's happening!

Tonight at 2am (or early Sunday morning) turn your clock back 1-hour.

Most cellphones will automatically update and most newer cars...but that means we've got to update microwaves, oven times, and if you're old school, that alarm clock sitting next to your bed.

Worst case senario, you don't do it and neither does your phone, you'll look like a super over-achiever arriving a full hour earlier! Not a bad look! ha ha

Enjoy your extra hour of sleep, partying or netflixing.