Rihanna's House Burglarized!

So scary! Someone tried to break in to Rihanna's house!

May 10, 2018

Yikes, THIS is scary!

A man broke in to Rihanna's L.A. home and spent the night!

Cops went to Riri's place this morning after being notified that the alarm may have been tampered with and that someone possibly got in.

When they arrived they did find a guy who not only broke in...but spent the night at her place!

Thankfully Rihanna was not home during this whole ordeal.

No word on who this guy was, if he took anything, his 'story', etc. Rihanna's people have not made a comment on this either.

Sources say that the man was ordered to come out - and he did - but after that he had to be detained and was tased! So clearly something went down.

So glad you weren't home Rihanna!