Is a Roseanne Reboot ALREADY Happening?

It was their highest rated you knew it wasn't completely going away! Find out more here!

June 4, 2018

It's barely been a week since "Roseanne" was canceled and now we're getting word that an announcement of it RETURNING couldn't be happening any second!


Now don't completely freak out.

ABC still stands behind their firing of Roseanne, but the show was their biggest show...and everyone loved it!

According to TMZ, the show is moving forward and will focus around Darlene's family...and that even John Goodman (Dan/the Dad) is thinking about joining!

So what's the hold-up?

The show was named after "Roseanne" and she helped create they could potentially have to pay her for this new show or get her approval (if she lawyered up of course). They're hoping by saying it's a "new show" it will be fine (since it's not exactly the original).

A source says:

ABC was desperately trying to salvage the jobs of those affected by ABC's swift decision to axe the show ... but there's reason for optimism ... especially for crew members who passed on other jobs in town, believing Season 2 was a go.

They say an "official" answer is expect by next week!

Do you think the new show will be a success? Or even happen?