SPOTTED: Justin Bieber and fiance Hailey Baldwin at the courthouse...

Getting a marriage license? Getting married? Get all the info here!

September 13, 2018

So some of us are still getting over the shock of Justin Bieber being engaged...but since he's said they wouldn't get married (he and fiance Hailey Baldwin) this year we had some time to adjust...or do we?!

Justin and Hailey were spotted at the NYC courthouse today and TMZ is reporting that they were getting their marriage license!!


They say:

Several eyewitnesses say the 2 were inside the Marriage Bureau in NYC and Justin was emotional. The eyewitnesses say he was crying and at one point said to his fiancee, "I can't wait to marry you, baby."

Another person claims that they heard them talking about leaving the country (to tie the knot) - but wouldn't they have to get the marriage license there then?

IF it was that - that means it will be a New York wedding and soon!

The most jaw dropping of the "rumors" about what Justin and Hailey were up to say:

Justin said to a court official, "Thanks for keeping it on the DL." Another claims the court official was a "judge" ... which insinuates they got married, but we can't confirm that.


I was trying to think what else happens at the courthouse - traffic ticket? LOL

Either way, IF that's what it was - congrats Justin and Hailey! Everyone at B96 wishes you all the happiness in the world!

Check out the creeper paparazzi pic of them that started this all: Justin and Hailey at the Courthouse