Stranger Things is coming to Universal for Halloween

Nothing says Halloween more than the Upside Down! Get all the details here!

September 20, 2018

Photo: Sthanlee B. Mirador / Sipa / USA Today

OK mouthbreathers we need to organize a roadtrip ASAP to head to Universal Studios because for Halloween they are transforming in to Hawkins, IN ...aka STRANGER THINGS!!!

YES, it's true!

All of Universals locations (Orlando, Hollywood, Singapore) have partnered with Netflix to recreate the set of season 1 (yes, that includes the Domogorgon) for the annual Halloween Horror nights!

While Singapore won't unveil theirs until 09/28/18, both Orlando and Hollywood have already opened their doors and the cast has even swung by to give it their seal of approval:

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Pretty sweet right?

Well if you haven't started packing a bag yet, maybe this will do the trick:

For more information on Strangers Things at Universal Studios Click here: Stranger Things Halloween

If you go, you have to let me know!!