Top 10 BACKSTAGE Moments from the 2018 Pepsi Summerbash

Info you would ONLY KNOW if you were backstage - the tea is spilled here!

June 24, 2018

After months of waiting, the 2018 Pepsi Summerbash went down last night and did NOT disappoint!

If you had a ticket to the show you saw what happened on-stage...but what about the good stuff goin down backstage??  Check out my Top 10 backstage moments below!

Top 10 BACKSTAGE Moment from the 2018 B96 Pepsi Summerbash

10) B96 Does It ALL: Some big shows like this are a traveling team or are outsourced...but not us! B96 does it ALL! From the booking of the show, show production, sound, promotion, etc. SOOO much work goes in to one night - so backstage is a lot of running around but the end product is something we are really proud of. Go #TeamB96 ! PS-Planning for the Jinglebash is already underway! (Yes, we know the Summerbash was just last night) PPS-Save the date 12/08/2018 !

9) B96 On-Air Party: If you follow me on socials I say it all the time about the summerbash - aside from the obvious excitement over the artists performing, we the jocks are just as excited to see each other! With our schedules, some of don't even see each other! Example: Drex and Nina are on from 5:30am-10am and are probably sleeping when Corey B is on 7pm-Midnight! So some of us never truely see each other! So these events are filled with lots of laughs, shennanigans and more.

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8) Dinner with Alessia Cara: DJ Flipside and I were having dinner together in catering...and had zero idea that Alessia Cara was sitting next him! LOL!
She was super nice and having fun with her crew before her performance...and eating macaroni and cheese :p

7)Bebe Rexha was sick: If you saw her performance last night your mouth is probably hanging open after reading that - because she killed it so hard. But yes! She said she wasn't feeling well once she landed in Chicago and couldn't keep anything in her stomach. She even got sick right before her meet 'n greet! She did say she loved Chicago, her fans and that the show must to go on = suck it up. I mean she was flawless! WERK Bebe and we hope you are feeling better!

6) Dua Lipa's Guitarist Looked Like One of Our Own: I think all of us noticed this at the same time - including the doppleganger! Check it out and take a guess who you think it is:

That one time @iamcoreyb played the guitar with @dualipa at our #summerbash lol @b96chicago #dualipa

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Freakin COREY B all day!! Even Corey agreed (altough he said that guy prob made more money) LOL!!

Hey Dua - if that guy ever needs a vaca call Corey to fill-in!

5) Halsey Has Good Taste: And by good taste I mean mine! HA! Got the chance to say hi to Halsey last night and she said, "I love your dress! It's so pretty" <3! So I got all giddy because I love her...and then someone took our picture so I look like a complete goof! PS- She was super personable and lovely with everyone! If you get a chance look at her meet 'n greet pics to see how much fun she had with everyone.

4)Halsey's Hair Color : Speaking of Halsey! She said while she was debuting her new blue hair at our show (to match our logo? Ha) she said she typically changes her hair color every few days! So if you loved it, chances are she'll be rockin something new by Wednesday!

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3)Meghan Trainor & Alessia Cara are Friendship Goals: Instead of getting ready for her performance, Meghan Trainor came out early to watch Alessia Cara's performance! She was singing along and cheering for her! AND just like a good friend, Alessia did the same for her! I love their friendship!! I think Alessia should sing at her wedding. #JustSaying

PS- Member when Meghan Trainor and Ariana Grande were at our Jinglebash together a few years ago? THEY did the same thing too! And it was Ari's birthday so Meghan brought her a cake! She is def a girl's girl and supports her fellow female artists!

2) Michael Clifford's Dog: We spotted a super sweet little dog backstage and went bananas!

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It belonged to Michael from 5 Seconds of Summer!

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When the dog dad was on-stage doing his thing, South's caretaker brought him out and we showed him lots of love! Such a sweet dog!

1) We All Fell in Love with Liam Payne: Last but def not least...Liam Payne charmed us all! He got to the Allstate around 4pm and was kicking around a soccer ball backstage, he introduced himself to everyone AND it was our Event Director Renee's birthday so he asked whose birthday it was (there was a cake, balloon and flowers) told her happy birthday and even sang a little to her (in a joking opera voice)...but I think we all blushed! So charming and nice, and he stuck around after his super impressive performance to check out the show and hang out with us. It you aren't obsessed with Liam like all of us are...just wait! He'll get you too!

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