Top 5 2019 Backstage Summerbash Moments

Hot steaming backstage tea is spilled! See it all here!

June 23, 2019

Photo by Rebecca Ortiz @RadiobecChicago

Last night's Pepsi Summerbash was one of our best shows to-date! But the 'show' that was happening backstage? Guuuuuuuurl - everything!

It's so good I had to share!

Check out my list of the Top 5 moments- that you could only see if you were backstage. **Ahem, so reading this makes you exclusive :p

Top 5 2019 Backstage Summerbash Moments

1) Is Loud Luxury with another Summerbash Artist?!

You’re going to be moving your B-O-D-Y this summer when @LoudLuxury hits the B96 Pepsi #SummerBash stage!

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Loud Luxury had sooo much to share!

So to answer the question if they're with another Summerbash artist, the answer is YES! But not in the way you think!

They've got new music coming out with fellow Summerbash artist Bryce Vine! And some of the song was written right here in Chicago! So expect new music to start coming from them in about a month...and maybe some tour dates!


2) Ava does WHAT off-stage?

@avamax making herself at home -love her!! @b96chicago #summerbash

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Pretty much what you're seeing in that pic! LOL

Ava said that since she is so busy right now and always on the go, when she gets a free sec it's 100% Netflix and chill!

So what is she watching now? Ozark and she just started Big Little Lies (she has to catch up before season 2!)


3) Ally Brooke wanted to see this Summerbash artist!

An angel sent from up above! @allybrooke -- @dearfloyd #allycat #allybrooke

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This may have been one of my fave moments of the night! Ally snuck on the side of the stage (with her dancers and security) to see...Ava Max! She sang every word and was fan-girling over her impressive runs. As soon as Ava was done - she left!

Is it me? Or after hearing that don't you think they need to do a collab? YES!!!

**Ava Extra: She said she's got a full album coming out soon! Ally song?


4) CNCO kissed WHO!?


When they walked in to do their interview, they hugged and kissed everyone on the cheek - which we Latinos do when we greet each other...but there were a whole bunch of us in the room...swooning, fainting, drooling LOL.

All so very charming, polite and they smelled amazing. It was my first time meeting them and seeing them perform - beyond impressed and I hope they have incredible continued success <3


5) Why Don't We 6/12 News!

OK Limelights have been chomping at the bit wanting to know more info about 6/12...and the boys gave another teaser!

They said- to expect it the last few days of the month! To me that translates to any day now (uh hello June is almost over!)

They also played a fun game (you'll see it all in their interview) but they were singing fellow Summerbash artist Ally Brooke's "Low Key" (which they said they loved) and also this...

@barbie girl anyone?! -- @whydontwemusic #limelights #whydontwe @b96chicago #Summerbash

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So funny!

Look for full interviews with all the Summerbash artists and pics from the show all this week on!


This isn't necessarily backstage tea - but it's still hot tea!


If you were at the Summerbash last night then you may have see the save-the-date flash on the jumbo tron, but you didn't see this?

That’s a wrap Chicago! What an epic #SummerBash! See you Dec 7th for the B96 Pepsi #JingleBash! Go to to enter to win FRONT ROW tix to the show!

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Yes! Sign-up to win front row seats already for the 2019 Jinglebash!! Head to right now!