Top 5 Backstage Moments at the 2019 Pepsi Jinglebash

So much happens that no one sees! Find out what you missed here!

December 8, 2019
Photo by RO @RadiobecChicago

Photo by RO @RadiobecChicago

There is so much going on at every B96 show and this year's Pepsi Jinglebash proved it to be true again!

Sure you see the amazing show...but what about the "show" happening backstage? I got you!


TOP 5 2019 Pepsi Jinglebash Backstage Moments

5- NCT 127 Are Fans!

NCT 127 fans go CRAZY for them...and turns out they go crazy for some of the other Pepsi Jinglebash artists! They came to meet Normani and Camila Cabello! Does that mean they were big Fifth Harmony fans? ha ha

@nct127 crashed the @camila_cabello meet and greet in the #DunkinLounge!

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4- Katy Perry is Every Fan's Dream!

For starters, Katy Perry up close is perfection from head-to-toe! We all gaped! Plus, super duper friendly and said hi to everyone. That being said, she had the smallest meet and greet but took the longest time because she literally took the time to find out who they were, what their story was, etc. She even sqautted down in her dress when 2 sweet little girls came thru to show her pictures. She made everyone feel like they were the most important person at the bash. She is everything.

--We bow down. @katyperry is in the @Dunkin Lounge!! #Jinglebash Photo Cred: @phildavila1

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3- New Besties?

The @Pepsi #Jinglebash ~ forming friendships @normani @marshmellomusic Photo cred: @phildavila1

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Normani and Marshemello?! Yes, times a million! Our bashes are a great place for artists to mingle! Are we def approve of this duo! Collab you say? We hope!

2- He Speaks!

Marshmello didn't say a word in his interview with Tyler and Julia (see it at but when his fans were coming thru and telling them they loved him or what he means to them...he answered! I have never laughed so hard! Almost everyone said, "He talks!!"

@marshmellomusic chillin in the #DunkinLounge @b96chicago #Jinglebash

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1- Save-The-Date!

We always say that the Pepsi Summerbash is the kick-off to summertime Chi...and when this info low-key passed along the jumbo tron last night at the #Jinglebash ...well we heard the screams loud and clear backstage!

B96 Summerbash
B96 Summerbash

YES! Save-the-date for the Pepsi Summerbash coming June 20th, 2020 to the Allstate Arena! You in? :p