VIDEO: Celebs Try the Bottle Cap Challenge

Justin Bieber! Mariah Carey! Who had the best? See here!

July 8, 2019

Ethan Miller and Theo Wargo for Getty Images


How these viral challenges get started who knows! The Bottle Cap Challenge tho? These videos of celebs trying it is epic!

So if you don't know what the bottle cap challenge is, it's kicking a loosened bottle cap off a bottle with 1-swift kick, which then the force causes the cap to spin off. The trick is to kick the cap off and not kick the bottle knocking it down.

Who tried it?

Take a look!

John Mayer:

Justin Bieber:

I nominate Tom cruise and Hailey Bieber

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And what is his obsession with Tom Cruise?! If you see his caption he challenges him to do it.

Hailey Bieber:

ok challenge accepted... I nominate @kendalljenner and @justineskye ----

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Rosario Dawson - she didn't do it, but I about fell out when I read chancla! #LatinoLove PS- Notice the bottle is Tapatio! LOL

Chancla for the win...! #bottlecapchallenge

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Saving the best for last...Mariah Carey!

YOU BETTA SING @mariahcarey! NOW THAT’S HOW YOU SLAY THE #bottlecapchallenge! ---- #mariahcarey #whistlenotes #theyhavetherange #singing #hilarious #comedy #pattilabelle #celinedion

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Done and killed it like the true diva she is! :p

Have you tried it? Send us the video!