VIDEO: Halsey Breaks Down On-Stage!

Is Halsey's split with G-Eazy getting to ger? Watch and decide!

July 7, 2018


We were shocked to hear that Summerbash artist Halsey broke-up with her boyfriend of 9 months G-Eazy...but then she was spotted with Machine Gun Kelly (who she was once rumored to be with pre - G-Eazy) so we were left to believe that maybe she was cool with the split? **Her people said her and MGK were just long-time friends.

Maybe not!

Check out this video of Halsey in concert last night in Michigan breaking down on-stage!

Poor Halsey!

Google the lyrics to "Sorry" (the song she was singing) and if you had a broken heart you'd breakdown during that too!

Well whatever the reason, G-Eazy, MGK, just a bad day...we hope you are feeling better Halsey!

Do you think she and G-Eazy are done for good?