Was Post Malone Cursed? See the video here!

So many bad things keep happening to Post Malone! Is this why?

September 16, 2018

Post Malone at Lollapalooza (photo by: Corrinne Chartier)


Is this just some pre-Halloween story? OR is it legit?

Post Malone has had a string of bad things happen to him one right after the other from a near plane crash, a car crash, and being target by crooks. Sources (well SOME sources) are saying that it all started after he visited a haunted museum in June and became cursed!

They say there's even a video of it happening!!

Post was hanging out with Ghost Adventures Zak Bagans at said haunted museum where they came across a dybbuk box (which translated is "malicious spirit") - which was also the object that the movie 'The Possession' was based off of.

Zak claims that he felt compelled to touch the object , even though Post was freaked out.

Now watch the video:

I just saw Post with a drink in hand looking freaked out...but a curse?

TMZ says:

Zak touched the box, Post touched Zak's shoulder. Bagans says that's enough to trigger a curse, and it explains why Post screamed and pulled Zak out of the room.

Do you think that's the cause for his bad luck?

OR maybe he's lucky? I mean he escaped all of that without even a scratch! Everything happens in 3's so now only good will happen? And how is the luck of this Zak fellow? And come on, if this "object" was that dangerous wouldn't it be locked up?

Just for some extra good juju , perhaps you should swing by church today Post! :p