WATCH: Ariana Grande's Victorious Concert Reunion

Ariana's ATL show gave us some serious Nickelodeon vibes! See here!

November 20, 2019

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images for KCA

Ariana Grande may have had to cancel some shows because she was sick but she def made up for it last night in Atlanta!

Ariana's concert had us Victorious fans going wild! Sure we regularly see her former co-stars/friends Liz Gillies and Matthew Bennett on her socials like this:

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But last night? They actually joined her on-stage for some Victorious flashbacks!!

We got to see 'Jade and Cat's' "Give it Up":


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Don't remember? Here's the original:

It didn't stop there tho!

Remember when Cat got dumped by that guy when he found out she wasn't blonde? And Robbie wrote her that song "Swell"? Gurrrrrl...

Definitely the craziest thing I’ve ever done! Thanks for letting me rock out on stage with you shorty :) I think you’re swell! @arianagrande

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OMG. Dead.

Plus that wasn't the end of the Victorious love for the night!

Some fans got Matthew to join them in a sing-a-long of "Make it Shine":

matt singing and dancing to make it shine with everybody in pit tonight PLEASE

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And just like in the video, Liz joined Ari on-stage for "Thank U, Next" :

liz was on stage for thank u, next i am crying

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What a great night!! 

It's clear I'm a giant Victorious fan (and Ariana Grande fan) so if you haven't already (I'm already re-watching it all) you can see the entire series on Netflix: Victorious

Hey Dan Schneider! This girl needs a reboot! What do ya say? :p *Ya know when all the mega star cast can invent some free time! Ha

Fun night with fun friends -- #atlanta

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