WATCH: Kanye West on SNL!

A costume, smiles and a rant at the end. Kanye did not disappoint! See it here!

September 30, 2018

Mandatory Credit: Matt Detrich-USA TODAY Sports

Smiling hard, a fun costume and an expected rant. Fans watching Kanye West on the season premiere of SNL last night def got 100% Kanye!

Check out his 2 performances here...and then the after broadcast "meltdown"...

"I Love It":

"We Got Love":

So great job right? Big smile (very un-Kanye) and even a fun costume. After the live broadcast wrapped tho, Mr. West treated the audience to another performance...and a "preformance" of the Kanye we are accustomed to seeing...

SNL is back next week with another new show. Will you be watching??

See you next week with @awkwafina and @travisscott! #SNLPremiere

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