Which Love is Blind Contestant Wants Another Shot in Season 2?

The first time didn't work - should this person have another chance at love?

April 13, 2020
 Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Love is Blind definitely gave us more drama than it did "married couples" at the end of the experiment! And with a second season on the way (you know after we get off lockdown) there is one cast member who never got their happy ending that allegedly wants another shot!

Got a guess who it is? It's Carlton Morton!!

Don't remember who that is?

THAT Carlton!

If you didn't watch the series on Netflix, (uh, do it immediately after reading this) Carlton and Diamond seemed perfect for each other until Carlton struggled with sharing his fluid past. The couple did seem to patch things up by the time of the reunion...but not enough to go back to the way it was:

So how did this Carlton / Season 2 news come about?

He posted casting news for the new season (to take place right here in the Chi!) and when a fan asked if he would do it again, his response is leading many to believe he is locked in!

@CarltonMorton Instagram
@CarltonMorton Instagram

Do you think that means we'll be seeing him on season 2?

Should he get another chance?

In the meantime, if you are 21 or older and looking to get married (and are single lol) here is casting info: Love is Blind Season 2 in Chicago