White Castle Launches Veggie Burger!

Veggie Slider anyone?? It's happening!

April 14, 2018

If you love White Castle and was hoping they maybe had a more healthy choice...or maybe you don't eat there because you are vegetarian...either way, THIS is the answer!

White Castle's in the Chicagoland area have launched a VEGGIE SLIDER!!!

Yes, you read that right!

Their rep says, "The burger is made with the plant based patty popularly known as the veggie burger that bleeds". *Real talk - you had me until you said it bleeds...even though I like it medium rare :o

WC says they tried over 20 different kind of veggie burgers before creating the "Impossible Slider".

Here's what they say about the new burger:

"The Impossible Slider is priced at $1.99 each, while an Original Slider is 77 cents. But the former is not meant to be a vegetarian version of the latter. The Impossible patty is thicker, weighing about 4 ounces before cooking, roughly the same as a triple slider, sprinkled with seasoned salt, then served with smoked cheddar, fire roasted onions, and a specialty bun, slightly heartier yet similar to the signature soft, white bread of the classic. Only the sliced pickles remain the same"

So far the reviews have been nothing less than stellar.

Will you be trying one?

To find a White Castle near year click here: Take Me To The Impossible Slider