Why Don't We Tells Us When to Expect 6/12

It's coming really soon!

June 26, 2019

UPDATE: The guys announced 6/12 will premiere Thursday night! 

Here's a snippet of the BOP!  

⁶/₁₂ thursday night

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Attention Why Don't We fans, we have the news you've been dying to hear: a release date for 6/12!

Jack initially said "we can't tell you," but Jonah countered with "you'll know so soon."

Soon is better than not having a date at all. 

But soon could also mean tomorrow, next week, at the end of the month. We needed more details. 

"We've been doing a song a month so it has to come out within the remaining days," Corbyn added. 

Okay, so we have 5 days left in the month of June. 

If we had to GUESS, we'd say they should drop it Thursday on June 27th. 

Zach tried to narrow it down saying "it's going to be a week, but it's not going to be a week."

Bottom line is that the wait is almost over! 

And that's a good thing because 

And in case you're losing hope, Jack assured us the song is "going to be a banger."