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Avocados & Gummies :Avocados Make Everything Taste Better

Sour Patch Kids is a treat almsot everyone loves, but would you love them the same with avocado? Gabe & Nina are going to try their favorite Sour Patch Kids flavor with some avocado. Did they find their new favorite treat ? Or did they just ruin Sour Patch Kids? #... Read More

Jonathan Found Himself a Business Woman:Hookup Hotline

Jonathan & McKayla are on #TheHookupHotline looking for love. They have 96 seconds to ask each other questions and get to know more about each other. When those 96 seconds are up, they have to decide if they want to #Hookup or #Hangup. #Gabe&Nina #HookupHotline #96Seconds #Hookup #Hangup Read More

Support Small Business in Chinatown

Gabe & Nina welcome Carlos to the show. He talks about his viral Facebook post, supporting small businesses in Chinatown and shares details about the gathering in Chinatown tonight. Read More
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Fat Tuesday = Paczki! Are you ready?

It's going to be a delicious day in Chicago tomorrow because it's Fat Tuesday...and that means Paczki day! YES! The yummy Polish donuts filled with jelly will be available at many local bakeries - so do you go on a tour to try them all ? How about making some of your own? We've got the answers to... Read More

Chris Vs. Kris: Wake Up Wars

The stakes are high on this Friday edition of #WakeUpWars. Representing for #TeamGabe & ....#TeamNina is Chris & Kris? Which Chris will come out victorious today & win the week? #WakeUpWars #TeamGabevsTeamNina Read More
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Happy National Margarita Day!

Who knew that February 22nd was National Margarita Day ?! So if you're looking to be festive, check out the list below of places to find a great margarita! Can't make it out tonight/today? No worries! Scroll to the bottom to see how to make the best margarita at home! CHEERS! 2020 National... Read More

Episode 4: Ooops I Did It Again

Have you seen the tv show "YOU" on Netflix? Have you ever wondered how to protect yourself from the crazies and avoid getting chopped up into little pieces? That was Nina's inspiration for this conversation because it's all about how to protect yourself and spot red flags in the beginning stages of... Read More

Episode 3: The Valentine's Day Special RATED SPICY!

Happy Valentine's Day! This episode is a little something extra the ladies cooked up to help everyone spice up their sex life just in time for V-Day. This one does get a little spicy and specific but in a helpful and playful way. Nina, Krista and Angie are joined by Tyomi the sexologist who brings... Read More

Episode 2: Wait, he's engaged?!

In the first episode we learned that Nina's friend Krista was worried that her new boyfriend was hiding something from her and as it turns out, her intuition was right! Krista details the situation and how she found out the truth. As we navigate through her story the ladies dig into the Growing... Read More

​Episode 1: 2 Years in the Making

This podcast has been 2 years in the making!!! In the first episode Nina introduces you to her friends, Kentucky Krista and Producer Angie. As we continue to set the tone for the New Year the ladies reveal a few different personal relationship problems that have already created obstacles. Can we... Read More