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WE LOVE TO SEE IT: Parents Turn Garage Into 'CLUB QUARANTINE' For Son's 21st Birthday!

Can't go out for your 21st? Try hitting up CLUB QUARANTINE!
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Griselda's Quarantine Wedding

Even with social distancing and quarantine, Griselda was determined to get married. She joins Gabe & Nina to tell her story.
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Gabe & Nina Switch Teams: Wake Up Wars

Gabe & Nina bring in a new twist to #WakeUpWars. They have both agreed to switch captain roles on their teams. Jenn will represent #TeamGabe, James will be on #TeamNina. #WakeUpWars #TeamGabeVsTeamNina
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How Bad Does Chloe Want A Quarantine Partner?:Hookup Hotline

The perfect way to date and remain 6 feet apart is on #TheHookupHotline. Jeremy & Chloe aren't letting the pandemic get in the way if their search for love. They have 96 seconds to ask each other questions and learn more about one another. When the 96 seconds are up, then they will decide if...
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Quarantine & Avocado: Avocados Make Everything Taste Better

What better way to fight boredom than to experiment avocado dishes? This week on #AvocadosMakeEverythingTasteBetter, Gabe & Nina will try Nina's groundbeef patties(no, not hamburgers) with Avocado. Was Nina'as family recipe fine as is? or was it missing some avocados?
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Ladies Need You Lindsey: Wake Up Wars

Ladies find themselves down 2-0 this week. Can they pull it together on this "Woman Wednesday"? Lindsey will lead the charge for #TeamNina and Jeremy will be to represent #TeamGabe. Gabe can wrap this up and win himself a breakfast if they fellas win today. #WakeUpWars #TeamGabevsTeamNina
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Lie Meter

What's The Reason Behind This Self-Quarantine?:Lie Detectors

Times are hard right now for Leah. Not only is this virus happening, but now her boyfriend won't be anywhere near her. Leah begs him to spend time together at her place, but he doesn't want to. Is he playing it safe because of the virus? or Is this just an excuse to get away from Leah? Gabe &...
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Ms. Looby & Mateen, These Are Real Names: Wake Up Wars

Mateen & Ms Looby join Gabe & Nina for #WakeUpWars. Ms Looby will be representing #TeamNina, and Mateen will represent #TeamGabe. Fellas are off to the strong 1-0 start, let's see if they can keep it going. #WakeUpWars #TeamGabevsTeamNina
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The Quarantine Come-Up

Gabe & Nina want to keep the self- quarantiners to busy. Today, they are going to give Emily 3 activities to do around the house, but she has to do them in under 30 seconds. Can she do it ?
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Florida Man, But With A Corona Twist: Florida Man

A man with a guilty conscience; a couple puts on a show in front of a hospital; and ...a man selling sanitizer from his trunk? Oh boy, so many dumb decisions yet only one of these is #FloridaMan.
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