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B96 Cares: Gabe and Nina Want Your Help Saying Thanks

Know someone doing great things in this difficult time? Gabe and Nina want to know about it!
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Smart Money Moves While We Social Distance

Ways to save money while everything is shut down!
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B96 Cares: Court Appointed Special Advocate

The A.J. Freund story not only shook the peaceful community of Crystal Lake, but broke the hearts of millions who heard about it. With every new detail that came out, parents and families hugged each other a little tighter and wanted to know what they could do to help and more importantly, what...
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The news of Andrew Freund and his story left so many of us broken-hearted and searching for ways to help to prevent something like this from happening again.

But where to we begin?

That's where CASA come in.

With hundreds of local branches - there are countless...

B96 CARES: Keeping your pets safe in frigid temps

Winter may have been delayed here in the Chi but it is DEFINITELY here now! All this snow and below degree temps are not only dangerous for us - but for our pets - and even more so because they can't tell us if they're cold or not feeling well. Screen shot these tips below to help keep your 4-...
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Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk Chicago with B96!

Over 330,000 women are estimated to battle breast cancer this year, and with October being breast cancer awareness month - B96 wanted to help! The Making Stride Against Breast Cancer Walk at Soldier Field is an annual walk that raises money to support the American Cancer Society and the programs...
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Chance the Rapper Headlining Special Olympics Concert in Chicago!

Special Olympics is celebrating 50 years of amazingness...and did you know they originated IN Chicago?! It's true! So they are celebrating with their Spring Games here in the Chi in July AND a celebration concert with Chance the Rapper headlining!! Check it out: LOVE the hat on the 50! :p Chance...
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B96 Cares : Little Giraffe Foundation Cubs Rooftop Fundraiser

A Cubs rooftop game for a great cause? AND a discount for mentioning "B96"? How can you say no?! Co-Founder of the Little Giraffe Foundation Amanda Santoro talked with Chicago Connection about their 8th annual Cubs Rooftop benefit! Take a listen here: CHICAGO CONNECTION INTERVIEW - LITTLE GIRAFFE...
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Hands Only CPR

B96 Cares!

Hands-Only CPR Can Save Lives. Most people who experience cardiac arrest at home, work or in a public location die because they don't receive immediate CPR from someone on the scene. If you see a teen or adult suddenly collapse, call 911 and push hard and fast in the center of the chest to the beat...
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