Spanky's Corner: A Podcast

They were overwhelmed by the grueling demands of community college, but now they have their own radio shows on B96 Chicago.   Tune in for hot takes, pop culture, drama, life problems and celebrity interviews!  With Julia and Tyler from B96 radio Chicago! 

Pogo sticks, color printers and the women’s bathroom, OH MY!

In this episode, Julia and Kenzie discuss famous athletes who have slid into their DMs. Cambodia has a hot new crazy couple in love. POGO STICKS!!! A deep dive into the greatest song ever made, Old Town Road. Pooping strategies for when you have a new girl over. MORE PRIZES (WEEEE!!!!) Want to...
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Curse Words and Applebees and Gender Reveals, Oh My!

In this podcast we learn how to do a podcast. Julia probably killed her teacher, you decide. Our boss jumps on to inform us there are a lot of things we still can’t say. We examine each one in a Spanky’s Corner deep dive. Don’t do gender reveal parties at an Applebees. Also, prizes (WEEEE!!) Want...
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