Spanky's Corner: A Podcast

They were overwhelmed by the grueling demands of community college, but now they have their own radio shows on B96 Chicago.   Tune in for hot takes, pop culture, drama, life problems and celebrity interviews!  With Julia and Tyler from B96 radio Chicago! 

New episode of Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST w/ Tyler & Julia is up! The Halloween Episode

All episodes are special... but this one is specialer. Welcome to the Halloween edition of Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST. Julia's boyfriend, Josh, jumps on. He did the unthinkable. He worked his way out of doing a couples costume with Julia. #blessed. Tyler and Julia come up with a plan to prank a yet...
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LISTEN: Lauv is this week's cohost on Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST

Episode 17 (we think). Tyler and Julia (mostly Julia) spend a solid 7 minutes ripping on marathoners and their big accomplishment that neither of them can ever achieve. Then they bring on high power major label record executive Josh. He is lifelong listener of this stupidity and offers up some...
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Isabela Merced Explains Her Name Change from Isabela Moner

NEW EPISODE OF SPANKY'S CORNER: A PODCAST! You may know her as Isabela Moner. She explains why, as of today, she is now Isabela Merced. Isabela is an accomplished Broadway actress, just played Dora The Explorer in "Dora & The Lost City Of Gold" and now has a new track dropping in ten days. She...
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Lewis Capaldi


This may be the greatest episode of Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST ever created. Shaed returns to the podcast and that leads to multiple minutes of bidet talk. Some may say an outrageous and uncomfortable amount of bidet talk. Tyler and Julia recall their bidet experience. Would Abe Lincoln use a bidet...
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Normani Jumps On Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST!

Normani returns to the podcast for the first time since the "Lolla Interviews V1" episode in August. She tosses out some Nicki Minaj collab info, an update on the album and a bunch more.
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Why Don't We talks with Julia & Tyler about all things WDW

Why Don't We hopped on B96 today with Tyler and Julia. Here's the full unedited interview with about 10 minutes that you didn't hear on B96.
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New sode of Spanky's Corner: A Podcast! It's got some WDW news

Julia and Tyler announce that Why Don't We will be on the next episode and then break down who is the hottest member of the group (as only these grown ass adults can do). Julia has an irrational fear of wearing the same thing twice. Tyler comes up with a new app for the ladies (you're welcome). We...
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Spanky's Corner: Kenzie's Dad Reads His Daughters IG Bikini Pic Comments

Episode 14!!!! We went to Kanye's Sunday Service and then got drunk. We deliver the full break down. Sonic got slapped on a date which was only the third weirdest thing that happened to him that night. Julia reveals a deep dark secret about what she did while staying at Tyler's house. Then we call...
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ELLIE GOULDING chats with us and reveals she doesn't like her own voice (wait, what?)

Episode 13 is one of the top 5 we've ever done. ELLIE GOULDING calls in to discuss her wedding this weekend, the environment and how she hates her own voice. You get to play the fun game "Guess Where Julia Left During The Interview To Pick Up Her UberEats"? Jump to 27:00 in if you wanna skip Tyler...
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Lindsey Stirling on this week's episode of Spanky's Corner: A PODCAST!

A One Direction fan mom once bit Julia on the arm. Our amazing, kind, gracious, talented, handsome boss Erik Bradley discusses more INSANE things we've seen fans do to meet their favorite artists. Kenzie continues to struggle with the English language, but she's precious so it doesn't matter. Sonic...
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