Family:  My fiance’ Sharon

Pets: Dog – Abby (basset hound)

Favorite Travel destination:  London & Hawaii

Favorite Artists:   Adele, Justin Timberlake, Lady GaGa

Favorite Charity:  American Red Cross + the USO

Pet Peeves:  Slow drivers

Always in your work bag:  Headphones, 

Bad Habit:  Impatience

First thing I do in the morning:  Check my iPhone

Last thing I do before I go to bed:  Turn on the white noise sound machine and put on my Alaska sleep mask!

Biggest fear:  Spending money!  :)

Current favorite social media accounts to follow: @DrexAndNina on all socials, @Drex on Facebook, @B96Drex on Twitter

I’m back on the airwaves, Chicago!! Tune in to B96 or B96.com to hear the new show.