Nikki has had her own radio show since age 15! Even before that, she used to follow and shadow her radio mentor around the city of Boston, Massachusetts where she grew up. With that being an important part of her start in radio, she welcomes anyone into her studio to see how things really go down. Hit her up on the socials or request line for this or anything else that’s on your mind.

Sing it, dance to it or just sit there and listen, Nikki always has on MUSIC and says it’s the pulse and heartbeat of her life. House music all night long! She also is a chihuahua lover and spoils her fur babies like no one else. They are small enough to sneak around everywhere in her purse but they also have a super delux stroller that they roll around Chicago in.

Nikki is also a long time Big Sister with the Big Brother Big Sister organization. “It’s an amazing program that allows you to be silly doing fun stuff with kids while at the same time, help shape their future by expanding their world. Bonus to being in the program, you get a new bestie for life.”

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