Don't Be An Ass Parker

Tuesday, February 4th

This is an episode that was recorded the day after the Super Bowl, so the hangover kerfuffle is real.  

Julia hurt herself. It's not what happened, it's how it happened. Tyler and Julia then breakdown a few Super Bowl kerfuffles: Halsey yelling at a fan over G-Eazy, G-Eazy eating Megan Thee Stallion's face on his IG story and people typing Shakira and J.Lo into Pornhub at an alarming rate after their halftime performance.  

There's a new kerfuffle on the internet where people didn't realize there's two types of people: those who have inner monologues and those who don't.  

Then, there's a new study about men that drive Mercedes and BMW's and whether or not they are terrible people. Tyler and Julia bring in a male Mercedes driver, Julian Jumpin Perez, to discuss. That somehow leads to a deep dive into Julia's awful track record of hitting thing that don't move, the note she recently got on her car after causing a kerfuffle and the amount of damage her Ford currently has (spoiler: ITS ASTRONOMICAL).

Oh, and a there's a kerfuffle about monkeys with herpes in Florida. God bless.