Gone Yelpin' with ELLIE GOULDING!!!!!

Thursday, August 29th

Episode 13 is one of the top 5 we've ever done.  

ELLIE GOULDING calls in to discuss her wedding this weekend, the environment and how she hates her own voice.  You get to play the fun game "Guess Where Julia Left During The Interview To Pick Up Her UberEats?" 

Before that... Julia is VERY INTERNET ANGRY and is GONNA PUNCH OUT HER SECOND EVER NEGATIVE YELP REVIEW.   Sonic randomly walks in to discuss his new hot medium priced fanny pack. 

We also deep dive into the abuse that Shane got for replying all to a company email at the hands of his awful co-workers (us).   It starts with cake and ends with Chris Hanson from To Catch A Predator.