Thursday, November 14th

This is Tyler and Julia's best episode of the week so far on their weekly podcast.  

Julian Jumpin Perez hops on with a new segment called "Father Of A Daughter" to discuss the absolutely hysterical (scratch that, offensive) kids t-shirt that Amazon had to take off their site. 

The big boss of B96 Chicago, Todd, indirectly contributed to a woman trying to hook up with Julia's boyfriend.  

Tyler's wife, Randi, jumps on the pod for the first time as she defends herself over bidding an obscene amount of money on a dog at an auction.  She then reveals her pet and kid sharing business plan which could be a brilliant bad idea.  

Sonic from 104.3 Jams then comes in to discuss his and Julia's excitement over Disney+ which leads to true stories about men who have had relations with animals (as you would expect from this dumb ass podcast).