One Celeb Just Learned About Covid-19 Today. Another Celeb Is Making $$ off Coronavirus. Vanessa Hudgens, OH NO.

Tuesday, March 17th

Julia and Tyler are socially distant doing this.  You should be too.  They tried to do a coronavirus free episode, but outside of Tom Brady.... there's nothing.

There is a famous celeb that was out in the desert for 12 days and came back to reality to find out we have a pandemic.  

What's the ONE industry that is still CRUSHING it in Nevada????  There's also another celeb that invested in a soap company a few months back.... he is now MAKING BANK.  Julia is drinking something in the studio that looks like pee.  WHAT IS IT?  The answer will shock you (that's a tease).

What did Vanessa Hudgens do to make everyone mad that she is now trending on twitter? IT'S A DOOZIE! WE HAVE AUDIO!!!!! (WOW) 

All that and other random goings on with everything while quarantined.  When you are doing listening, you will be 19 minutes and 41 seconds closer to your quarantine being over.