Speaking Of Hooters

Thursday, February 20th

Julia and Tyler separately did the same unthinkable and unforgivable thing that is unthinkable and unforgivable.  That was a tease.

This episode also features a deep dive into Hooters Airlines (which was a thing, RIP).  

Also, don't rob a Taco Bell and immediately run into a strip club.  Side note:  don't do crime with a "crime pays" face tattoo.  Another side note:  don't be a teacher that gives your fourth graders lap dances.  It'll all make sense after you listen to this nonsense. 

Julia and Tyler dive into MySpace legend Tila Tequila to see what she is up to now.  The results will shock you.  That was another tease. 

Face tattoos!!!  No!!!  

And finally, Sonic from 104.3 Jams hops on.  Trying to hook up with ladies that own ferrets is harder than it may appear.