The Hard C Free Podcast

Saturday, March 21st

Julia and Tyler tried really, really, really, really, really hard to not discuss the C word thing.   Surprisingly, they did an above average job at that.  

Sonic from 104.3 Jams jumps on from 6 feet or more away to discuss his new purchase.  Long time listeners of this podcast will know that it's a product that will warm the cockles of Julia's heart. 

Julia used to do really bad prank calls to a particular business.  

TAYLOR SWIFT AND KANYE DRAMA... IN 2020!!!  Spanky's Corner does a full deep dive into the madness.  The full unedited call between Kanye and Taylor in 2016 has leaked.  Tyler has a theory as to who did it.  

Who were the most hated celebrities in 2012?  Julia and Tyler find an old list.  You won't guess number one (or two).

The worst drivers in the country.  There's a scientific list.  Where does Illinois fall?  Where does Julia (who's an awful driver) and her home state fall?