Spanky’s Corner

The audio adventure of 2 nincompoops, Julia and Tyler. These astute homo
sapiens were overwhelmed by the grueling demands of community college and now
have their own respective radio shows at B96 in Chicago. Tune in for hot
takes, pop culture drama, working through life's worst pickles, interviews
with only the most inexplicably strange humans and celebrities, and true
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Who's Gonna Tell The Amish?

Julia and Tyler do the podcast from their respective studios (closets). This pod is raw AF, not one edit was made. Just a bunch of mindless nonsense as we all...

Drinking Is My Anti-Drug

Spanky's Corner from home as the city of Chicago is grounded. Technology is swell. Julia and Tyler hit up Sonic from 104.3 Jams to kill 54 minutes of...


Lauv checks in with Tyler from his quarantine to discuss life. His new album "How I'm Feeling" has been out a couple of weeks. He chats about how the reaction...


JoJo has a new track/video called "Man". She's also got a new album that drops on May 1st. PRE-ORDER NOW!! Julia and Tyler catch up with JoJo in quarantine...